Router table 1: Design

i´ve been Inspired by some videos on youtube and decided to make a routertable to the old router.

First i have to decide what kind of model i will build
below you can see some of the models i thought was interesting as rolemodels for my own build

Small, handy, easy to put away, thats good for me when my workshop is small

Looks sturdy and have a big box you can put your routerstuff in 

Big, a lot of room for storage and can be used as workbench 

Also very big, hmm maybe too big but you can sure store a lot of stuff in it!

Big and neat on the same time. But will it work with wheels ? 

Simple, nice looking!!  
Routertable combined with a workbench. i like that idea.  

FOLLOW MY BUILD, PART TWO: "Building Base and top"

A Router table to the old Router

My father was as i an amateur woodworker, he made some really nice looking furniture mostly in birch but also some sideboards and kitchen furniture in pine. After an unfortunate accident he lost his fingertips in the planer and sadly also his interest for woodworking.

Therefore, I have inherited some fine old tools. Some of my absolute most widely used tools comes from him. Many of the older machines are heavier and perhaps a bit more cumbersome to use than modern tools but I like the feeling of them.

A real favorite is the old DeWalt saw

i use it almost all the time!  

Other tools i like to use is my fathers old handplanes (i think he inherited them from my grandfather) 
i don't use them as much as i want to, mostly because I have not done any projects in which they will benefit. but hopefully and maybe maybe i will build my self a small boat next winter!?

This summer i found an old forgotten Ryobi router at the back of the workshop. It looked like it never had been used, almost mint condition, very cool!. i think it was one of the last tools my father bought before his little accident. I guess it is 25 years old. 

And it works like a dream!

What to do with the old router? well, first of all i want to make a routertable for it.
The routertable will be my next project and my first to show on this site.