Router Table 3: Building the fence

OK, the base of my router table is almost done.
Time to start the next part, the fence.

I looked around on Youtube and other websites and found some variations that seemed to suit me.

The fence i am building has three essential parts, the base, the fence and a frontpiece (actually 2 frontpieces)   

The base and the fence are made of 1inch MDF
I began by gluing together the base to the fence exactly 90 ° to each other. Two smaller pieces acted as support

I want my fence to me movable, therefor I routed two tracks in the base. The whole fence will then be able to slide forward and back.

To make the frontpieces move from side to side i made two tracks in the fence 

I made one long track to attach a fetherboard or a stop block

a little box for the dust collection 

 I made two frontpieces in laminated oak

 To attach the frontpiece to the fence i countersunk a bolt in the frontpiece that fits the track on the fence. as you can see i also made a track at the top of  frontpiece that fitted the long track in the fence 

 Now the frontpiece can be moved side to side 
 The frontpiece is attached with a bolt and awooden knob at the back of the fence 

In the track at the top of the frontpiece you can now attach a fetherboard or a stopblock