Router Table 2: Building Base and top

As i said earlier i wanted to make a router table to my 30 -year old Ryobi router. When i looked around the internet for models to be inspired from, i saw this model.
It looked really nice. A sturdy piece with room for storage. I always need storage!  Inspired by this red router table i started to see what i had in the shop to build from. I realized that my old kitchen cabinets from IKEA (leftovers from my kitchen rebuild) was perfect for this project.
 One of the most important things i need for all my workbenches and toolcabinets are that i want them to have wheels. My shop is very small, appr. 12 kvm so i have to be able to put them away when i am not using them. So i started with an old kitchen cabinet and made a frame at the bottom ( made by simple 2"*4") to make it sturdier and something to attach the wheels to.

 Then i made a hole at the top that fits my router

 I glued and screwed a shelve in the middle to reinforce the cabinet and to make it more sturdy
 base finished !

I laminated 2 pieces of 3/4 inch MDF for the top-piece and made a hole in it for the router 

Then I glued another piece of MDF (1/4 inch) on the very top and made room for the insert plate

 The top-piece glued and screwed to the base.

I put some stretchers at the back and some 90° Iron at the sides to keep the MDF from Sagging.
 I didnt have any good pictures on that :(
 Table is ready
 Just needs some paint....
well.. actually it needs a bit more
1, A door
2, A fence
3, and of course a router

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