Wooden Hand plane

This winter has not been a real winter in Stockholm. The temperature has hovered around 0 °C, unlike last year when the temeperaturen was -20 °C .

Ok I am not complaining  about the temperature but I really miss the snow. Whats the meaning of living in Sweden if you don't have snow?

But Yesterday the snow finally came, great!
It is great to go down to the workshop and knock some wood when you can see the snowflakes outside.

I had just finished building a pastryboard to my wife. and had nothing to do. I looked around the shop to see if there was something i could build.

A few months ago i bought some pieces of oak to my kitchen project but i saved one of the pieces for special occations/projects. The grain was tighter and the weight was heavier than the other pieces. I saved it, wanted to make something nice and useful of it.

I decided to make a hand plane, Krenov style. I realize that oak is not the optimal wood for making hand planes but i thought that this piece of oak probably would make a fine plane - and it worked just fine

Unfortunatly i don't have any pictures of the building process but there are a lot of sites out there who can show how its done. for example "build a wooden hand plane"

Now i need to buy my self a really good plane iron, the one i used so far i borrowed from an old Stanley plane.

This project was really fun, it didn't take long, wasn't too difficult and its useful.

and PS the plane works like a dream!