Easy made toolboxes

Hi  a few weeks ago i bought an angle grinder. The price was right and i couldn't resist.

Don't take me wrong i really needed a new small angle grinder. And there it was, a small Makita, perfect for my needs. ok i know i buy tools in the same way women buy shoes.(or in my wifes case , jackets and coats)  but i really needed one and the price was right.

But you always get what you pay for, in this case the angle grinder in it self was a bargain but i didnt get a box with it.

i really need boxes for my tools. My shop is very small and i want to be able to move my tools around to use them in different places.

So i decided to make a toolbox for the angle grinder and  for my "new"power drill who also was delivered without box.

I had some scrap pieces of construction plywood i used for the sides and the for the top and bottom i used old bookshelves in pine.


i really like projects when i can go down to the shop and use what i already have without going to the store and buy  "the optimal" wood for "the perfect" solution. 

In this case, the result from ...
1 plywood board (construction plywood ), 600*1000*12 mm  
2 pine boards appr. 200*1200*15 mm
1 sleeping pad 
some valnut stain and lacquer
4 hinges 

and 3 (maybe 4) hours of work 

...was 2 useful boxes that hopefully will last many years!   

Unfortunately i didnt take any pictures during the process but they are made really simple. 
Plywood sides (mitre joints with splines)
Top and bottom in pine (2 pine boards glued together to get the right width)

The inside was made of plywood and an old sleeping pad. 

 I stained the sides.  And covered the top/bottom with lacquer. 

The inside of the boxes...  

...made from Plywood and a sleeping pad . 

 i made a removeable rack for the discs 

A perfect fit for my power drill