Wall Hanging tool Cabinet Part 3: The doors

I finally got the time to work with the doors to my cabinet.

My first idea was to make panel doors but I do want the surface on the inside of the doors to be as clean as possible, without joints. i also want to use the full thickness of the plywood, 18 mm, to be able to hang tools on the inside.

I decided to make a compromise, the look of panel doors on the outside and the sturdiness of using a clean plywood surface on the inside.   

 I made the frame in 15mm pine and joined them with a half in half joint.

i attached the frame to the plywood with glue and dowels (sorry no pictures of that)

now i need to buy some hinges and decide what kind of finish i will use. 

to be continued ... 

Wall Hanging tool Cabinet Part 2: Building the cabinet

As you can see below, I've been inspired a lot by the tool chest "the woodwhisperer" did last summer .
Although i have Simplified it a bit.
I hope he doesn't mind that. 
I will, as he did, use mortise and tenons for the joinery.
Plywood is sold in sizes 1200x2400. To see that everything fits on one sheet of plywood, I drew all the parts (Roughly) on paper. I do not want too much waste.

I cut all the pieces and laminated the bottom pieces  to double the thickness, I did the same with the top.

I also mitered the edges to make it more practical and esthetic.

Then I routed mortises (my router table came in handy and the work went much faster thanks to the router table) in the bottompiece, in the backpiece and on the toppiece.

I also made tenons in the panels. 

I put it all together to see that everything was ok , No Glue!

OK everything did fit and seems to work fine

Now i will start with the doors
to be continued ...

Wall Hanging tool Cabinet part 1: Design

Spring, at last! This year's winter was perhaps not the coldest or the most snowy, but it's still just as great when spring arrives.

For me it's also about moving my projects and tools to my "Summer" workshop.
As some of you know, i have two different workshops.In the winter I have my shop in a tiny basement here in my building in the city, and in the summer i move my shop into the countryside to our countryplace. In my Summer shop I have much more space and therfore much bigger machines :) .

Move to a different workshop every six months requires a lot of planning. Earlier this year I made some simple tool boxes which will facilitate the move. Now I intend to make a cabinet for my handtools, well maybe not all the handtools but for the most important. The idea is to make a cabinet that can hang on the wall and you easily can lift down to the trunk of a car or a van and drive to the country and easily put up on the wall at the "summer"shop.

I have searched the internet for inspiration and found that Marc Spagnuolo aka "The woodwhisperer" made a wall hanging toolcabinet which looked sturdy and easy to make. I will make my own interpretation of his design.

I will make it out of 18mm plywood and the dimensions will be 1100 mm*600mm *250mm. It will hang by wall by a "french cleat".

 i´ll keep you updated

Another "Great project on the net"

Matthias Wandel, woodgears.ca or http://www.youtube.com/user/Matthiaswandel?ob=0
is a wonderful woodworker, I love his videos.

He gives an engineer's approach to woodworking. He builds everything
from useless machines entirely built of wood too very useful jigs and
tools that you never thought was possible to build in wood. Fantastic!

Do you want to build your own bandsaw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbOlG7THecM or maybe a jointer
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mdgg_M07VhI or other woodworking machines? Then this is the site to visit woodgears.ca.

Here is my wife's favorite, which she tries to persuade me to make:) and maybe someday i will build it