Wall Hanging tool Cabinet Part 2: Building the cabinet

As you can see below, I've been inspired a lot by the tool chest "the woodwhisperer" did last summer .
Although i have Simplified it a bit.
I hope he doesn't mind that. 
I will, as he did, use mortise and tenons for the joinery.
Plywood is sold in sizes 1200x2400. To see that everything fits on one sheet of plywood, I drew all the parts (Roughly) on paper. I do not want too much waste.

I cut all the pieces and laminated the bottom pieces  to double the thickness, I did the same with the top.

I also mitered the edges to make it more practical and esthetic.

Then I routed mortises (my router table came in handy and the work went much faster thanks to the router table) in the bottompiece, in the backpiece and on the toppiece.

I also made tenons in the panels. 

I put it all together to see that everything was ok , No Glue!

OK everything did fit and seems to work fine

Now i will start with the doors
to be continued ...