#2 Planning my new workshop

Hi All

I have not had the opportunity to move into my new workshop yet. One of the walls had big gaps between floor and wall, and my landlord is currently building a new wall for me. In the meantime I made a drawing in sketchup to make sure that everything fits.

4X4 meter is small for a workshop which makes it important to have good planning. I started making a drawing with Grizzlys shop planner, but realized that if you really want to get a vision of ​​how the workshop will look like, then SketchUp is unbeatable.

Here are some pictures of my SketchUp drawings
To the left, I will build a long table that covers the entire wall. On it, I’ll have my benchtop machines, drillpress, lathe , beltsander, etc.. The machines who are not that heavy and as I do not use as often, such as the grinder and the scrollsaw, I will be able to put away on shelves and in drawers to get more space when needed.

To the right I’ll have wall-mounted shelves for various things (you can never have too many shelves) under the shelves, I will have my larger machines such as my shopvac, router table and my jointer / planer.
in the middle next to the windows, I will build a workbench

Nearest the door, I will have a lumberrack.and of course, the tablesaw in the middle of workshop

if you want to take a closer look you can find my SketchUp model in SketchUps 3d Warehouse: search for 13X13 Woodworking Shop, or you can follow this link >>

thanks for reading

Happy thoughts /Henrik

# 1 , The New Workshop

Hi All
As you have noticed I have been away from my blog a few weeks , almost 2 months actually :(
the reason ? - ... i lost my workshop!

Is it possible to lose an entire workshop?  -yes it is.

ok i will tell the story!
As you all know by now  i have a house in the countryside where i spend most of my weekends and holidays. I do have a workshop there but there is not much time to do real woodworking. There is always something to fix and repair and with a big garden, well… time just flies away. 

So i needed a space here in stockholm where i can escape the stress and the world outside for a while and do some woodworking. And I found it , 6 months ago i found a perfect little room in our building, in the basement next to the laundryroom. But .. (there is always a but)  it was not for longtime hire, i could use it, and I did,  but with a noticeperiod of a few weeks the superintendent could ask me to leave at anytime. I hoped to have the room at least 1 year, sadly that was not the case, a few months ago they wanted the key back. I wasn´t even able to finish my wall hanging tool cabinet before i had to empty the small shop.

Yesterday was yesterday,  today i am a happy guy full of excitment.

I got a new shop!

yes !
Our appartment is in the central part of Stockholm, not in the absolut central part, but central enough to have problems finding a place for me to do some woodworking. I wanted something permanent, i wanted my very own woodshop . After advertising online and calling every landlord in the neighbourhood i almost gave up. nothing was avalible at a reasonable price.

Last week I received a call, a small basement had become vacant in the building next to our
The price was fair- I took it

its not that big , actually it´s very small, but it is MY NEW WORKSHOP ! :)
4X4 meters 2 windows and just 50 meters away, it could not be better!
This is me standing in my new empty shop, it will soon be filled with toys  uuhhm  ... i mean tools :) 

ok it looks a bit rough but it got the potential to become a wonderful creative shop.

As you can see i have a lot to do , i have to build workbenches, shelves and toolstands ,I´ll have a very busy summer and fall :)

happy thoughts

/ Henrik