Potting Bench

I love working outdoors. If the weather was better in Sweden, I would probably just have a shed with a roof without walls as a workshop. Here is my first outdoor project for this year.

A Potting Bench.

My wife wanted a sturdy bench that could handle very heavy use.
she wanted it big with many practical features.

  • Box for garden soil 
  • Removable grid (so the old soil can fall through into a bucket or a wheelbarrow)
  • Strong hooks to hang heavy stuff in. 
  • Suspension device for the garden hose.
  • etc..

I asked her to look in some of my books on outdoor woodworking , to see if she could find something inspiring.

She didn't find the bench she was looking for, closest to her demands was Alan and Gill Bridgewaters potting table in the book "outdoor Woodworking "

Inspired by the table in the book i made my own version/design, bigger ,sturdier and with more features.

Hopefully this bench will last for many years :)

The completed bench in its place in the garden

I made it in slow growing pine
Legs are 3"by 4"´s 
The frame is 2"by 5"´s 
Bench top and shelves are 1"by 4"´s
the Hooks are 1 1/4"  dowels 

The top shelve with hooks underneath
I made a simple knob at the top with a handsaw and a rasp 
I drilled holes and used 1 1/4" dowels as hooks. I sawed some curves under the top shelves and on the consoles, to give the bench a personal "look"

On the left side of the bench I made a suspension device for the garden hose and a removable grid 

I used three dowels and a plate of 1" pine to make the suspension device for the garden hose. I drilled holes for the dowels in the bench and screwed the plate on to them 
A removable grid so the old soil can fall through. You can easily put a bucket or a wheelbarrow under the grid to collect the used soil.

Strong hooks to hang heavy stuff in
at the other side I made a box for soil 

I put hinges at the bottom of box to "open" the bottom and thereby easily remove dirt and help cleaning
Two hooks to hang stuff in and a lock for the bottom of the box
Below you can find more pictures of the Potting Bench