15 minute bench

This is my 15 minute garden bench.

Last weekend I built a compost and some planter boxes.


After a while I needed a break, I didn´t have anywhere to sit and leftovers from the compost was lying around on the ground.

Since I am a lazy guy, I used the leftovers to make a bench. The result was a very simple bench , not so stylish, but… you can sit on it and it is actually very sturdy.

I call it “15 minute bench” because it is perfect for a 15 minute coffee and snuff break, and it only takes about 15 minutes to build!? …... almost anyway  ;) .

 I didn´t really knew how the finished bench would look like when i started…. I improvosed…..
Sometimes when i improvise, the result doesn´t meet my or my wifes expectations, but in this case it did ! :)