About me

Who am I?
I live in Stockholm and works normally in the IT industry. Woodworking is my main hobby for some years.

My interest in woodworking has probably always been there but when my wife and I bought a place in the country a few years ago it became a real hobby.

I am definitely a novice and one of the reasons why i made this blog is to document my projects and serve those who are interested in my mistakes and my development. I will hopefully progress along the way.

Why "The Sawdust Surfer"?
That was how my interest started to accelerate. I was surfing around the internet and looked enviously at other Woodworkers and saw what they built. Unfortunately I have not found so many Swedish sites to follow, almost all sites i have been visiting are American, English or Canadian. I will use my blog to tell about the good sites and interesting projects available around the web. Therefore, I will write my blog in English which is a challenge because this industry has a lot of clever technical terms. If you want to contact me, please send me a mail and i will come back to you.

Enjoy your Stay

/ Henrik